Saturday, May 31, 2008

A present!

Lucy drew me the most beautiful thing!

I love it! I wish to always be surrounded by leafy-ness and wild life. I wish I could have sheets or a sweatshirt or something printed with this repeat!

Some Santa Fe Yarn

Some other knitting minded people at the Opera took me to see some Santa Fe yarn stores. My favorite was the Santa Fe School of Weaving.

The outside

And the inside! I had no idea that there would be so much knitting here. I found a reward for myself if I make it through the summer. Really expensive, amazing adirondack yarn! Here's a picture of the dye lot, but I'm going to get it in super fine silk wool blend. Its fifty dollars! But you get 300 feet. We'll see.

I walked around Santa Fe a little bit, too. I wish I had my real camera, but here are some crappy cellphone pictures.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ode to Mr. Fish

CenterStage does a program called the Young Playwrights Festival, where 7 plays by kids in K-12 are produced by CenterStage staff and professional actors. Its really fun, its all put together in two days, and the budget is very limited. My responsibilities for this years Festival included designing and creating an angry fish.
I made him out of sweat shirt! I sewed big lips around the hood, and eye balls on either side, and big scales all down the body.

It was the most fun to make, to design something myself, decide how I'm going to make it, and then do it. Wil said I got a little carried away, but it was one of the most creatively stimulating things I got to do at CenterStage. And, Mr. Fish was the first thing I've ever designed that has been on stage!

And I'm proud of him.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Goodbye to Baltimore

To say goodbye, I want to write about how amazing theater is, about how it transforms the simplest, silliest stories into beautiful painful universal moments, and how happy I am that I can participate.
I also want to write about Baltimore, how even though its a hard, dangerous city has these blinding seconds of sublime brilliance.
I also want to write about how amazing it is to fall in love, and how unexpected.

I can't quite find the words, but I'll miss you, Baltimore.