Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some Santa Fe Yarn

Some other knitting minded people at the Opera took me to see some Santa Fe yarn stores. My favorite was the Santa Fe School of Weaving.

The outside

And the inside! I had no idea that there would be so much knitting here. I found a reward for myself if I make it through the summer. Really expensive, amazing adirondack yarn! Here's a picture of the dye lot, but I'm going to get it in super fine silk wool blend. Its fifty dollars! But you get 300 feet. We'll see.

I walked around Santa Fe a little bit, too. I wish I had my real camera, but here are some crappy cellphone pictures.

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Nora said...

yay yarn!! OMG that dye lot is pretty.... now I know what we're going to do when I come visit! Yarn shopping!!! I miss you to death but at least I know there are knitting folk there to keep you company... :0)