Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fibers Trip

I'm home with my mom, and we decided to do a little bit of local tourism. We drove up Cape, along scenic route 6A, which we usually avoid because of tourists. We're the only tourists now! We stopped at a local Unitarian church that was having a sale.
Mom bought a fabulous vintage mint green and white apron, and a beautiful table clothe with red roses.
Then it was on to the wool! The town of Dennis was having a local spinning/knitting/wool festival. We touched all of the fibers and talked to everyone about how they made their stuff.

Many of the people were dying their wool themselves with natural dyes, and getting the most beautiful colors. I bought some lovely pink yarn that had been dyed with cranberries.



Wild Threads said...

That looks like fun. Sometimes I miss New England.

Anonymous said...

Aaagh fibers I want to dive into themmmm.
Your photos from the netherlands are so beautiful.
Call me! Call me!
I miss you like the sun!

Anonymous said...

Nellie! i found your blog! that rabbit looks like my rabbit only furrier. i learned that with those furry rabbits you can sit with the it on your lap and pet the fur off the rabbit and spin with the rabbit in your lap. i feel like this could be a good future career path, rabbit holding yarn spinning, yes? too bad Gretel is not that kind of rabbit.