Saturday, March 1, 2008

Theater Slave

Sometimes I feel really beaten down by the theater. It could be because I'm an intern, I don't get a chance to fix my mistakes, things get taken away from me if I mess up. Perhaps it's being subject to other people's insane whims. It could be the deadlines. Or it could be the terrible hours or the terrible pay. But then I put on my penguin head and it's alright.


Johnny5 said...

Hi Nelly, it's Lucy's BF, John! I'm glad that you've discovered the healing powers of penguins. Puffins will also do if you're in a pinch. You know you're always welcome in Chicago if you go on theater sabbatical!

Nora said...

there once was a puffin the size of a muffin who lived on an island in the
He ate little fishes that were just delicious and he had them for breakfast and he had

(aka... costumes make everything easier. Except for my making sense. Which is beyond help.)

Annalise said...
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Anonymous said...

NORA! this is the first time i've seen this poem written/come up on a search. Where did you hear this? nMy grandmother taught it to us and she learned it from her sister-in-law a kindergarden teacher. I have been trying to trace it's history and can find no record!