Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In which we make witchy yarn washing brew.

When I was home a couple of weeks ago, my mom and I visited the local yarn store, Sage. It is staffed by my former fourth grade teacher and assorted other older ladies with fabulous accessories. My mumsy and I decided to embark on a felting project, and after getting rather witchy instructions from one of the yarn lady and armed with new wool, we were ready to begin. It was rather like knitting a sweater. And, of course, we wanted to finish it before I left, so we were obsessively knitting, taking turns and measuring our work constantly.
Here it is about to journey into the transforming washer. Note the Ivory, an integral part of this witchy process.

Washing machines are actually very scary. Our little mixture, which also included blue jeans, bubbled and gurgled, in what seemed to me an unnecessarily violent process. The hat looked pretty bad the first couple of times we took it out. We're nervous felters. We've had some bad experiences. But pretty quickly it started getting delightfully thick. We put it on our highly technical, expensive and offical head form.

I bring this up now, because I got a wonderful package from home, labled "Le CHAPEAU!" And lo and behold!

So mote it be.


Fiberista Nora said...

Feltactular! That hat is such a great color... and I bet it's super warm... Did your mom end up with one, too?

Wild Threads said...

OMG! There's a new yarn store in N. Falmouth! It's where Art's Bike Shop used to be. I miss Art, he was totally cool, but this place is so fabulous that it almost fills the void he left behind. It has a huge selection and the owner is really cool. It's called the Knitting Garden. If your mom doesn't know about it, she needs to. I got the soy/wool yarn that I used to make my sweater there.