Friday, November 7, 2008

Anxiety Projects

I'm still reeling from the election. Being anxious about it for so long, it's hard to realize its over. Though I am thoroughly relieved, I still have moments of complete panic. Not that I don't have things to freak out about now. How can you deal with a world in upheaval, trying to find a job, and breaking up with your girlfriend? Well, damned if I know. But making stuff has always helped me. I finally finished the cardigan I've been working on since Santa Fe. Turns out, Careful Knitting Nelly is kind of slow! I admit, I got very angry that it wasn't going faster during the second sleeve. I haven't blocked it yet and its kind of covered in cat hair, but it came out very nicely.I also finally finished a scrap hat for Nora. Only took me a year to weave the ends in! Worst part of knitting, as far as I'm concerned.
Between Mom and I there is a lot of ugly scrap fabric in the family home, and really nothing to be done with it. I mean, neon fish with overbites might have been a good idea in some designers head- it appealed to 7-year old Nelly- but what to do with stuff like that now? In a fit of the crazies, I bleached and dyed all of it. (On the left is my post college dye kitchen.) Then I tore everything into strips and made a quilt top.

And when you have anxiety, its always good to have something to hide under.

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Nora said...

nelly! You are the amazingest!

1. I LOVE my hat!! I wore it around all day yesterday and showed to to everyone (sometimes more than once)! I will never take it off!

2. I've said it before, but you are a knitting ninja. Great sweater! I want to make one!!

3. gah! quilt-tasticness! The stuff you create is amazing and it inspires me to get off my own ass and create. I wish we lived in the same place so that we could dye things and sew and knit and spin together.. I think I need you in my life.