Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monsters are attacking my head!

And my hands!

Googly eyes are really great.


Lucy said...

Oh.... my god. Those are the most amazing things I have ever seen. You are a GENIUS.
Also: I bought you a non-denominational holiday prezzie today.
Suuuuper excited.

Wild Threads said...

Those just might be the cutest knitting projects ever.

rachel said...

yay! those mittens are amazing. I'm obsessed with mine... though they have this annoying habit of ordering my latter-eve beers for me. and that hat is the cutest ever. (you can't trust them unless you can see their eyes!!)

Nora said...

AAAH! Amazing!!! How did you get the googly-eyes to stay attached to the knitting?! You are amazing!

Aurelius said...

Those are amazing!

By the by, I'm Mark, Lucy's friend! Lucy told me about you wanting to move and stuff, and I wanted to know what's going on!

I've been thinking about moving to Chicago too (don't know what I'm doing anymore) but I at least thought we could keep in touch about it!