Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Knitting the night away

I was inspired by my old friend Laurel to write about knitting things, which is what she does on her blog, www.wildthreads.blogspot.com. I am falling in love with this as I knit it. It's a very simple lace pattern called "feather and fan," and I'm doing it with fingering weight sock yarn.
I know it's a little bit your hippie gramma's summer house, but hey, thats me and I love it! Here's a picture of the yarn as I was balling it up.
The other thing I'm really excited about right now is the sparkley yarn my friend Nora made me for ChristmaKwanzaakkkauh. That's right, I said made, as in spun herself! A skill that astounds me. I can't wait to make myself a little blue hat out of it!

I’ve been having this really insane urge to photograph and catalog all of my yarn and the projects I want to make. I geuss that was also inspired by Laurel, and her membership in the website Ravelry. I don’t know if I can go there yet.


Fiberista Nora said...

Yay! That scarf is amazing! And I'm sooo glad I got the pattern from you! I can't wait to knit my own... Nell- you are totally an inspiration to get off my butt and make my own projects/blog! Y'think we can just act like the internet is our old tower studio?!? "i miss you and i love you and yarn!"

Wild Threads said...

Hey Nell! Lovely blog.