Friday, January 4, 2008

One Minty Statue Man

For one of the first times at CenterStage, I worked with Will in the dye kitchen. We're doing an independent project together, making a costume for a living statue. He's a judge statue, and he's all bronze, which has worn into mostly patina green. Will dyed a suit and cape yesterday, and today I covered all of it with a watered down mint green acrylic paint.

I totally got a paint headache.

He looks a little sinister doesn't he?
The woman who asked us to do this gave us no insight into why she needed a living judge statue. We're a little worried that it's going to be some sort of weird porn thing, or maybe a presidential assassination attempt. I was really flattered that Will asked me to work on this with him. His job, Craftsperson, is totally the job that I want someday. He gets to do everything, making hats, dye-ing, distressing, fat suits, armor. (On the other hand maybe I would miss dress making- AH! I don't know, this is why I'm the intern.) The best part about minty statue man is that I'm getting paid $800! That will quadruple my bank account.

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