Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back in Baltimore and stressing about the next show.

To celebrate having new camera batteries, I took a picture of me wearing my new hat, sweater and scarf!

I wore all of these things to work today. (And yes, I'm on the floor. It was a long day, this show, A Little Night Music, is going to destroy the costume shop. And then my life. But more about that later.) Because my new hat (complete with Nora Yarn! (TM)) is so rockin', here's another picture!

I also made some wrist gaurds for my supervisor's daughter. She's going to be 4 tomorrow! I'm sure these will be lost immediately, but that's okay. As with all little kid gifts, it's for the parent more than the kid. My boss saw something similar on another kid, and was talking about how much she loved them, and how it would be good because her baby gets chapped wrists.

They fit me! I need some. I hope they aren't too big for her. I love the yarn, it's like candy!
So tomorrow I have to go into work and the first thing I have to do are plackets. It's not that I haven't done about 10 on each show, it's just that it's stressful! And complicated- I guess I just don't have enough experience to be confident in my placket abilities just yet. And, of course, I'm making silk charmeuse bloomers, meaning I only have one shot to nail it. Just like how the Rebel Alliance only has one chance to take down the Death Star.


Anonymous said...

you have become a creature of blue eyes and yarn.
When are you coming to visit meee?

Fiberista Nora said...

you are a knitting NINJA! And the force has always been with you, so I'm sure you'll have no trouble taking down that silk charmuese (?) death star plaquet...

Anonymous said...

Nedsy! You're cute lying on the floor there. The wristlets came out nicely, no? -Mum