Friday, February 8, 2008

Home and having to take it all apart.

I'm at home, sitting with my wonderful mother in front of the fire! My mom made the most fabulous leaf boarder sample.
It's terribly cute. It was a shame she had to undo it, but she wanted to put the green yarn in a hat. Even though it's hard to take apart something I've worked on, I suppose it's part of the nature of knitting. In No Idle Hands(Which I wrote about already once) Anne Macdonald talks about how often yarn from one thing was reused for another. In Stitch 'N Bitch Debbie Stoller writes: "When my mother was small, it was standard practice to buy yarn and knit a sweater for a child, then, a year or so later, unravel and reknit it, with a bit more yarn, when the child had outgrown the original. Then there was the time, during the Second World War, that my grandmother had to unravel an old cotton bedspread-- which her own mother had knit-- to make underwear for her children." So bittersweet.
My mother taught me everything that I know about how to knit, but I have to give Ms. Debbie Stoller a lot of credit for being able to talk the knitting lingo. I've never heard anyone talk about "frogging" their project, but I have to believe her.
"In knitter's parlance, unraveling a large part of knitting is called frogging. Get it? A frog goes 'ribbit, ribbit' and your going to 'rip it, rip it.' Hey, I couldn't make these things up."
I couldn't make it either, and I had to start over on the hat I was working on. I really wanted to make a hat with the yarn Nora made me and I also wanted to use up some sweater leftovers. I was really excited, perhaps too much so, because I finished the hat and it was enormous.
(Well, it doesn't look too big in this cell phone photo, I really need new camera batteries!) So I undid the whole thing.

Fortunately, I was not discouraged, partially because I am home, and filled with lasagna, and also because the Nora yarn is wonderful to work with! I desperately need more. It looks so pretty knitted up too, all sparkly and turquoise.

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Nora said...

you, nelly, make me desperately happy. !!! :0) !!! Of course I'll send you more yarn! Especially if you'll trade me that hat pattern!! I need more nelly in my life! Plague be gone so I can call you and we can talk Yarn for hours!